Lancia Quiz

Here is a quiz about Lancia. Try it to know how much you know about Lancia.

Q 1 - Calculate the emissions of a car consuming 5L/100km Lancia model. \[emissions(gCO_2/100km) = 6.461 + 94.63\times consumption\]

A - 167gCO_2/100km.

B - 205gCO_2/100km.

C - 127gCO_2/100km.

D - 97gCO_2/100km.

Answer : C


Use the given formula to calculate or go to my problem 1

Q 2 - Where is Lancia from?

A - Italy

B - France

C - Spain

D - Germany

Answer : A


Lancia is from Italy and was created in 1906 by Vicenzo Lancia.

Q 3 - It belongs part of Audi Group?

A - True

B - False

Answer : B


Lancia became part of Fiat Group in 1969.

Q 4 - In which car model is focused the production of Lancia?

A - Voyager

B - Delta

C - Ypsilon

D - Thema

Answer : C


Nowadays, Lancia is focused on Ypsilon

Q 5 - What kind of cars Lancia stands out?

A - Rally

B - Van

C - Family

D - Formula 1

Answer : A


Lancia company has a strong rally heritage

Q 6 - Nowadays, where Lancia cars are sold?

A - Germany

B - Spain

C - Monaco

D - Italy

Answer : C


Lancia factory is focused on Italy because there is sold the 90% of Lancia cars

Q 8 - What is the name of the current president of Lancia?

A - Frank Russell

B - Giordano Belotti

C - Francesco Gattuso

D - John Elkann

Answer : D


John Elkann is the current president of Lancia

Q 9 - Where is the headquarters of Lancia?

A - Napoly

B - Roma

C - Pisa

D - Turin

Answer : D


The headquarters of Lancia is in Turin

Answer : A


In 1910 Vincenzo Lancia asked Biscaretti di Ruffia to design a badge for the company